Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Advocare Cleanse for Colon Health

Colon is a habitat of numerous microbes that can be good to the organ or can be mischievous. It is also responsible for the absorption of water and nutrients from the digested material passed. It is called as stool. The stool will be in the liquid state due to non-absorption of water in the ascending part of the colon. When moved into the transverse colon, slowly the stool gets harden due to the absorption of water and nutrients and settle in the rectum after passing through the descending and sigmoid colon. From the rectum it passes though the anal canal and excreted out of the body. Although colon which is responsible for the absorption of water and nutrients sometimes unable to undergo the cleansing process that may require a foreign aid for cleansing of the colon. To cater the needs of cleansing the colon, some supplements have gained the cynosure that lure the people’s eyes on them.  Advocare cleanse is such a categorized supplement for colon cleansing that comes up with a different strategy with a specific time span. Let’s evaluate this supplement whether it is a true colon cleanser or just another scam.

Advocare Cleanse:
Advocare Cleanse for Colon Health

Though we deeply dig in the online, we fail to get much reviews of this budding supplement. Advocare cleanse has been gaining tout around the health world though there is a flak regarding the supplements and therapies for colon cleansing. First to specify it comes in two phases namely the cleanse phase and the max phase. The total span regarding this cleansing program is 24 days. In which the cleanse phase is about 10 days and the remaining 14 days are of max phase. The manufacturer specifies that by the end of the program, user can experience enhanced metabolism, weight reduction and clean colon.

When we observe the first phase of the advocare cleanse, the cleanse phase: It is about ten days as discussed earlier. This phase includes herbal cleanse, omega plex, advocare spark etc. The herbal cleanse is responsible to cleanse and detoxify the body. The omega plex and advocare spark benefits the body with necessary fatty acids and intensifies the energy levels in the body. During this phase it is recommended to feed the diet that is good in fiber, low in GI index, the lean meat and the healthy fat foods. This herbal cleanse is available in two flavors: The cream peach and citrus flavors.

The second phase is the max phase where the user can continue after the cleanse phase. This phase consists of the advocare spark, meal replacement shake and the metabolic nutrition system. It is said that people experience the complete wellness of colon, rise in the energy levels after completion of the advocare cleanse and can have a better colon health.



  1. Advocare cleanse has been doing round whenever I used to search for a best colon cleansing program. It has been always interesting about this 24 days colon cleansing program. I often find myself worn off the energy and observe the ill colon issues whether it may be constipation or the irregular bowel movement. Well the diet and less intake of water could have been the cause for this issue. But after following a good diet for my good colon health I couldn’t succeed in having a normal bowel movement, free from constipation issues. Hope this program works the best.

  2. I never suggest supplements or pills for colon cleansing. One of my friends is facing irregular bowel movements for last 4 weeks and while searching for the colon cleansing products, most of the sites saying that advocare cleanse is the best suitable for colon cleansing. After reading the complete reviews he took the advocare cleanse program and used. Now he feels more comfortable while having bowel movement. Now I can suggest advocare cleanse for colon cleansing because it has natural ingredients.

    1. Hello Mr. Murphy, earlier you commented against the colon cleansing products like advocare cleanse and later changed the stand. It is pretty good to read but can you please give details about the effects your friend relieved by using this advocare colon cleansing program? I also suffer from irregular bowel movement and found this advocare cleanse to be effective for treating my colon and weight complications. Please answer and thanks in advance.

  3. I too heard about this product. Many people are using this product for colon cleansing. It has the herbal ingredients and it is giving the good results for colon issues. One more added advantage by using this product is weight loss. By having herbal ingredients it became popular supplement for colon issues.