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Key Benefits of Advocare Herbal Cleanse

Helps get rid of toxins and waste Supports improved digestion and thorough internal cleansing
Provides 10 grams of fiber per day helps remove impurities and toxins from the body
Supports healthy weight loss recommended every 90 days toxins are everywhere – in the foods we consume, the air many of us breathe and also the ground we walk on. Additionally our own households are covered in toxins that we are probably not conscious of. Paints, solvents, wood preservatives, foam formaldehyde in sofas and mattresses, carpets as well as bed linens are typical sources of hugely toxic chemicals which may leave us with a wide variety of symptoms. These toxins accumulate in our bodies and if we don’t find out how to get rid of them they can trigger more advanced medical conditions later down the track.
In recent years, additional awareness has been given to removal of toxins or cleansing, and for good reason. Toxic contamination such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation and carbon monoxide found in our everyday environment greatly influence our overall health and well-being. Eventually, the ability to absorb the foods and nutrition we ingest daily can become diminished. When this occurs, people no longer receive the full benefit of their daily diet.

Colon cleansing is a topic that has received a lot of press in recent years, leading many people to give it a try. When sifting through the different colon cleanse product options that are out there on the market, there are a few factors to take into consideration, including the pros and cons of each type. Most of the colon cleanse product types are fairly inexpensive, but some definitely cost more than others. Reading reviews of all the various product types is a good way to get started with thinking about which of these may be the best product for your personal needs.
The 17 Day Diet Secret

The official 17 Day Diet website has a video that raves about how easy and effective the 17 Day Diet is. After all, the book is filled with recipes and food that tastes great and makes dieting simple! Obviously, taste is subjective. What’s not is the way that advocare cleanse 17 Day Diet compares to other low carb diets. The best way to evaluate this is to consider the problems many have faced in the past when using a low carb diet and what, if anything, 17 Day Diet does to combat this.

While closely guarded, I did find a basic description of how the 17 Day Diet works. I even found one example of a Cycle 1 meal plan, which includes: unlimited lean protein, unlimited non starchy vegetables, 2 low sugar fruits, 2 probiotics, 1-2 servings of friendly fat, green tea, and 64oz of water. Does that sound familiar? It’s a LOW CARB DIET! 

Technically the 17 Day Diet does limit you to 1200 calories during Cycle 1. So obviously, protein is not that unlimited. But this is virtually identical to phase 1 of the South Beach Diet!

Cycle 2 allows dieters to increase calorie intake, still limiting users to the same basic foods for “cleansing” purposes. But again, why are you paying for a book to tell you this?

The biggest issue I personally have with the 17 Day Diet is that the book recommends that you exercise for only 17 minutes during the first 2 cycles. After that, it does recommend that you increase your exercise to 30-60 minutes a day. But when scientists are saying that you need to exercise for at least an hour a day to lose weight, 17 minutes just isn’t going to cut it.

Water Weight Loss
We looked into this, because obviously if you lose weight too fast, most of it is bound to be water weight. In the first week or two, low carb advocates say that your body is simply releasing water it doesn’t actually need. 
But if that were true, diuretics would be the most amazing thing to hit the market…..ever. Losing water weight is temporary, which is why people gain weight back so fast with low carb diets, and 17 Day Diet is the average low carb diet in this aspect.

Exercise & Fatigue
There are some critics that say that a low carb diet can cause fatigue, headaches, and other side effects that may make it harder to exercise. Generally, this fatigue only lasts for 2 weeks at the most, usually only 2-5 days.But it’s still inconvenient. If you talk to the makers of low carb diets, you would be told that this is your body detoxing itself. But most would have to admit that a little sugar would help.
The 17 Day Diet phase 1 includes up to 2 servings of fruits at breakfast. But no fruits are allowed after 2. So this one is debatable. 2 servings in the morning may help. But for some, it may not be enough to prevent the fatigue.

Fruits & Vegetables
This is a complaint mostly associated with the Atkins Diet. New low carb diets encourage dieters to eat tons of low carb vegetables. Fruits are typically off limits. But the rumor is that Dr. Atkins died of a heart attack….and with all of the criticism from the medical community, it could be true. 17 Day Diet is more balanced than the old school low carb diets, again allowing you to have 2 servings of fruits in the morning and as many vegetables as you want. 

Advocare cleanse is a brand of colon cleansers   system that rewards its users with renewed energy and the possibility of shedding unwanted pounds. Though it’s true that a lot of different products are classified to be part of the Advocare Cleanse Program,this technique of detoxifying the colon does more than your average weight loss pill –it actually makes it easier to undergo significant changes in your diet.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Best Colon Cleansing Diet

Natural has always intended that your colon works to get rid of all the waste in your body, eliminating toxins from the body as well. However, with the foods that we eat today and the toxins we ingest, breath, and absorb through our skin, the body is working overtime. This results in a colon that works overtime. Often the colon becomes impacted with excess fecal matter and toxins, which then can spread through the body causing problems. For this reason, going on a natural colon cleanse diet can be a healthy and helpful option. 
If you experience constipation, bladder and kidney infections, vaginal yeast infections, bad breath, body odour, abdominal cramps, or toe- and fingernail fungus, your colon may be calling for a cleanse.
Bran and raw vegetables are so rich in fibrous bulk that they cannot get through the tiny holes remaining for passage of feces in most colons. Instead they back up, fester and contribute further to the problem. There is only one good way to clean yourself out and that is by cleansing your colon.

Herbal colon cleansing may decrease the risks of developing certain health problems. Many people who are affected by a health condition have found that cleansing can help their body rejuvenate itself naturally. The body's immune system is the first line of defense against almost all infections and diseases. If your body has a strong immune system you will be less prone to infection. The immune system is made up of a vast system of lymphatic channels and lymph nodes. Detoxing your body and your colon with the right herbs and supplements is an all natural way to remove unwanted toxins and heavy metals from lymphatic system improving the overall immune system.

Toxins from air, food and water tend to accumulate in your body over time. Your liver, colon, small intestines, pancreas, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen and lymph nodes work in harmony and in balance to eliminate these toxins.

Fibre plays an essential role in maintaining the health of the digestive system, and adequate fibre in the diet has significant value in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other ailments. Fibre cleanses the digestive tract and enhances its function. Metabolised by intestinal bacteria into substances that prevent colon cancer, fibre dilutes and speeds the removal of carcinogens and other toxins in foods so that they spare the delicate lining of the GI tract. Fibre helps achieve optimal blood sugar control and cholesterol levels by slowing digestion and maximising cholesterol excretion.

Benefits of Colon Cleansing
  • colon cleansing increase energy
  • colon cleansing improves digestion
  • colon cleansing result in clearer skin complexions
  • colon cleansing improve circulation
  • colon cleansing increase mental alertness
  • colon cleansing support weight maintenance
  • colon cleansing balance the function of vital cleansing organs
  • colon cleansing strengthen your immune system

Colon cleansing has become a very popular way to help detoxify the body and restore regularity. However, it has overshadowed the more important part of colon health - your everyday diet choices. Colon cleansing, while at times useful, has mostly been advertised as a way to help jump start weight loss programs.

The most important factor in colon cleansing program is a planned and regulated diet. Your food should include lots of fiber, and water content. Apart from diet, follow a comprehensive colon cleansing program for intestinal cleansing. Once you get your body cleaned from inside, focus on raw natural foods that will keep your colon clean.
Plan your meals very carefully. Go for an only fruits diet for a couple of days. Apple is the best colon cleansing food in fruits. Take apple whenever you feel hungry as it is a very good source of fiber as well as other vital nutrients. At most, you can have some steamed vegetables in dinner. This stimulates your bowel movement facilitating proper disposal of toxins and wastes.
After a couple of days, make sure that your diet revolves only around colon cleansing foods. These should primarily be fruits, vegetables, seeds, and beans. These are water soluble and takes care of your constipation leading to proper cleansing from inside. 
The ultimate purpose of having these colon cleansing foods is to enhance the process of waste elimination from your body. These foods help detoxify and clean up the unused and decayed food leftover and other toxic substances that are accumulated in your intestines walls. It prevents colon cancer and helps you get rid of parasites, constipation, hemorrhoids, bad breath, headache, and depression. When you begin having these foods, colon cleansing you should see the difference in a few days. However, in same cases, it takes time and you may need to follow the strict diet regimen for about two months before any visible improvement in your toxin levels.