Thursday, 29 August 2013

Advocare Colon Cleanser Reviews

Colon cleansing has been on high these days due to the rising health issues. Though it has been facing severe flak in the health world regarding its functioning but there has been rife about indulging in the averting of the ill colon health. We also have the news that the colon cleansers are hindering the various colon related impediments and conserve the good colon health. The need of colon cleansing has been rising due to increase in the cases like people often constipated or suffering from major colon illness like colon cancer. To avoid facing these situations, colon cleansing is needed to make colon detoxify, clean and healthy. Some colon cleansers may be fluffy over the complications but colon cleansing programs from the advocare like 24 days and 10 days aren’t like that. Though there are fewer reviews about this product and price factor being not economical is steering the expectations from the users who expect a clean and healthy colon.

Advocare colon cleansing program is reviewed by fewer people around the online health
Advocare Colon Cleanser Reviews
world and are reporting about it’s cleanse and max phase. The cleanse phase can be said to be the first phase in the colon cleansing of the advocare colon cleansing program. As discussed earlier, it is the days 1-10 are the cleanse phase program which involves various supplements like Herbal cleanse, Omegaplex, Advocare spark energy mix drink. Herbal cleanse is for eliminating the impurities and makes ready the body for absorbing the nutrients optimally. Advocare herbal cleanse also well verse in working for weight loss. The omegaplex is the second supplement in the 10 day cleansing program which is amalgam of the great quality omega3 fatty acids which is required for overall wellness. The omega3 fatty acids are a vital in maintaining the health of the nerves, heart, muscle, skin and bone and immunity system. The advocare spark is an energy mix drink.

After the completion of the 10days cleanse phase, next phase of the cleansing program is the max phase. During the max phase, the user has to involve with the same Advocare Spark Energy Drink Mix, Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) and Meal Replacement System. The Metabolic nutrition system strives for energy sustained, regulates the appetite and works for the overall wellness of the user. The Meal replacement shake contains the 24 grams of proteins, 24 grams of carbs, 26 vital minerals and vitamins, 5-6 grams of fiber, allowed percentage of the calcium. This helps for the people who skip the meal during the program. Advocare spark energy drink mix is same as the cleanse phase.

The diet should be concerned during this program. Mostly the user should feed on the healthy fats, lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, complex carbs, dairy associated with the water. This advocare cleansing program has been reviewed the program along with the food that should be concerned during the phases for the colon cleansing for a good and healthy colon. Price is also concerned by most of the individuals. Be sure before signing up this program and check with your physician. This can make you to be safe from any side effects caused if using the advocare colon cleanser.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Virtual Colonoscopy - It's Advantages and Disadvantages

What is virtual colonoscopy?
Virtual colonoscopy is the latest colon cancers screening tool. In this process, a sophisticated multi-detector spiral CT (automated tomography) scanner is used to generate 2-D and 3-D photographs of the colon and other organs within the pelvis and stomach area. Virtual colonoscopy differs from conventional colonoscopy in various tactics. In the virtual sort, more than a few unsuspected conditions and sicknesses outside the colon can also be detected within the traditional colonoscopy process, detection of sicknesses is limited to the colon region only. However, not like the traditional sort, digital colonoscopy can simplest stumble on a polyp (pre-cancerous growths), and can't be used to remove them. Polyps left undiagnosed may end up in cancer, therefore their early detection and removing is the most important.

Colon cancer is the second leading result in of most cancers deaths in the U.S. The American cancers Society suggests that every men and women above the age of fifty should undergo this colon cancer screening process. Colon cancer is treatable in its early stages, and oncologists say that the digital experiment would possibly enhance the survival rates in the USA. This is since the traditional colonoscopy process comprised a catheter and camera, which used to be inserted in the course of the anal hollow space. However, the virtual process does not require this cumbersome procedure, despite the fact that it does require the similar cleaning of bowel before the procedure. Virtual colonoscopy takes simplest minutes to complete and sedation is not wanted. Moreover, the normal manner involves using a long, versatile, light tube called a colonoscope to view the colon's interior.

How to Prepare for Virtual Colonoscopy:
The physician will provide directions approximately tips on how to get in a position for virtual colonoscopy. The process is referred to as bowel prep. The bowel prep for virtual colonoscopy is nearly just like the bowel prep for conventional colonoscopy. In General, all solids must be emptied from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract via following a transparent liquid vitamin for 1 to 3 days prior to the procedure.  Liquids include:
  • Strained fruit juice
  • Plain coffee or tea
  • Gelatin
  • Sports drinks
  • Fat-free bouillon or broth
  • Water
A laxative shall be required the evening ahead of virtual colonoscopy. A laxative is medication that loosens stool and will increase bowel movements. Laxatives are regularly swallowed in pill shape or as a powder dissolved in water. After the bowel prep, patients present process CT drink a liquid referred to as contrast media that reasons the large gut to look very vivid all the way through CT. Contrast media is helping the physician identify ordinary tissues.

How is virtual colonoscopy performed?
Virtual Colonoscopy
Virtual colonoscopy is performed anyplace the CT scanner or MRI unit is located—regularly in the radiology division of a health facility or medical center. The process takes about 10 minutes and does not require sedation.
  • Patients will lie face up on a desk.
  • Thin tube will probably be inserted during the anus and into the rectum. For CT, carbon dioxide gasoline can be pumped throughout the tube to expand the huge intestine for higher viewing. For MRI, contrast media might be given rectally to make bigger the large intestine.
  • The table will move during the CT scanner or MRI unit to provide a chain of go-sectional photographs of the colon.
  • Quite a lot of issues throughout the procedure, the doctor would possibly ask sufferers to carry their breath to steady the images.
  • The procedure can be repeated at the same time as sufferers lie face down.
  • After the process, cross-sectional photographs taken by means of CT or MRI are processed to create three-dimensional, computer-generated pictures of the large intestine. A radiologist evaluates the consequences to spot any abnormalities. If abnormalities are discovered, typical colonoscopy could also be carried out the similar day or at a later time.
Advantages of virtual colonoscopy:
  • Virtual colonoscopy does no longer require the insertion of a colonoscope into all the period of the colon. A thin tube is inserted through the anus and into the rectum to enlarge the massive gut with air.
  • Sedation is not needed. An affected person can go back to standard actions or move house after the procedure without the help of another person.
  • Virtual colonoscopy supplies clearer, more certain pictures than a traditional x ray the use of a barium enema—sometimes called a lower GI collection.
  • This process takes much less time than both typical colonoscopy and a lower GI series.
  • Virtual colonoscopy can see inside of a colon that may be narrowed due to inflammation or the presence of an unusual expansion.
Disadvantages of virtual colonoscopy:
  • Virtual colonoscopy does now not allow the physician to remove tissue samples or polyps.
  • Do not detect pre-cancerous polyps smaller than 10 millimeters.
  • Medicare and many medical insurance plans don't pay for virtual colonoscopy cancer screening.
  • A new technology that is not available as conventional colonoscopy.

Virtual colonoscopy is one option used to display for colon cancers. Discuss your colon cancers screening options in conjunction with your physician to resolve whether or not or no longer virtual colonoscopy is the proper possibility for you.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Phillips Colon Health – Uses – Side Effects - Precaution

Phillips Colon Health is well known in solving the colon problem. This product is designed to be consumed in daily basis.
Phillips Colon Health Uses
  • Probiotic has several types of micro-organisms like saccharomyces boulardii (or known as yeast) and bacteria like lactobacillus, bifidobacterium. These micro-organisms are found in intestines or stomach or vagina.

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  • Use of antibiotic or much travel can change the balance of yeast. Especially, probiotics are used to enhance digestive system, repair and restore flora to normal condition.
  • Probiotics are also used to treat bowel movement problems like diarrhea, IBS, vaginal yeast infections, eczema, lactose intolerance and urinary tract infections.
  • Availability: These probiotics are available in natural foods like soy beverages, milk, yogurt, juices and few dietary supplements in the form of capsules, powders and tablets.
  • Some of the people try to use these diet supplement products in unlawful by adding harmful additives or impurities. It is suggested to check with pharmacist before use.
Phillip Colon Health Side Effects
  • Stomach gas increase or bloating could be the side effect of Phillip colon health. If the effect is consistent then seeking medical help is wise.
  • Consult to your doctors if any unlikely side effects occur like high fever, persistent cough and chills.
  • Serious allergic reaction is also a part of side effect but very rare. You should be consulting your physician if you feel severe dizziness, swelling on face, throat, and tongue or itching, rash, and trouble breathing.
  • These are not the complete list here. Different people may experience different side effects that might not be listed above in this piece of information.
Phillip Colon health Precaution
  • It is very important for users to understand the risk of using these supplements or any probiotics blindly. Even if you have allergy or any other serious health condition, that can cause harm to your body if not consulted with pharmacist or doctor. The product may contain ingredients that can trigger the allergy reaction to some other problem.
  • Here are the few examples, if you have any of these health conditions then consult to your doctor first then use Phillip colon health or other colon cleaning supplements: Diarrhea persistent more than 2 days with high fever, HIV infection, Vaginal infections, Urinary tract infections etc.
  • Caution for the people having diabetes, phenylketonuria (PKU), or any other health condition that demands limitation in diet.
  • Pregnant women are not suggested to take these supplements unless clearly needed; Consulting positive and negative effects of product.      


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Advocare Cleanse for Colon Health

Colon is a habitat of numerous microbes that can be good to the organ or can be mischievous. It is also responsible for the absorption of water and nutrients from the digested material passed. It is called as stool. The stool will be in the liquid state due to non-absorption of water in the ascending part of the colon. When moved into the transverse colon, slowly the stool gets harden due to the absorption of water and nutrients and settle in the rectum after passing through the descending and sigmoid colon. From the rectum it passes though the anal canal and excreted out of the body. Although colon which is responsible for the absorption of water and nutrients sometimes unable to undergo the cleansing process that may require a foreign aid for cleansing of the colon. To cater the needs of cleansing the colon, some supplements have gained the cynosure that lure the people’s eyes on them.  Advocare cleanse is such a categorized supplement for colon cleansing that comes up with a different strategy with a specific time span. Let’s evaluate this supplement whether it is a true colon cleanser or just another scam.

Advocare Cleanse:
Advocare Cleanse for Colon Health

Though we deeply dig in the online, we fail to get much reviews of this budding supplement. Advocare cleanse has been gaining tout around the health world though there is a flak regarding the supplements and therapies for colon cleansing. First to specify it comes in two phases namely the cleanse phase and the max phase. The total span regarding this cleansing program is 24 days. In which the cleanse phase is about 10 days and the remaining 14 days are of max phase. The manufacturer specifies that by the end of the program, user can experience enhanced metabolism, weight reduction and clean colon.

When we observe the first phase of the advocare cleanse, the cleanse phase: It is about ten days as discussed earlier. This phase includes herbal cleanse, omega plex, advocare spark etc. The herbal cleanse is responsible to cleanse and detoxify the body. The omega plex and advocare spark benefits the body with necessary fatty acids and intensifies the energy levels in the body. During this phase it is recommended to feed the diet that is good in fiber, low in GI index, the lean meat and the healthy fat foods. This herbal cleanse is available in two flavors: The cream peach and citrus flavors.

The second phase is the max phase where the user can continue after the cleanse phase. This phase consists of the advocare spark, meal replacement shake and the metabolic nutrition system. It is said that people experience the complete wellness of colon, rise in the energy levels after completion of the advocare cleanse and can have a better colon health.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Colon Cleanser Reviews

Health is important part of life. If you have good health you will have good life and if you have bad health you will have bad life. These days many people are suffering with diseases and they are facing the problems of sickness. Eating fatty food that consists of more quantity of cloistral may lead to stomach and heart pain. If you are facing problems of stomach pain then you should do colon cleanse which will remove all the diseases of hemoglobin. Colon cleanser is a very easy method to do; you can do it at your home. With many colon cleansers in the market, people have caused so much confusion for the most effective colon cleansing products. For a mean buyer, it can be very bewildering and difficult to conclude which one is the best.

Types of Colon Cleansers:

Thinking of colon cleansing probably does not sound pleasant. Cleansing your colon is not nearly as nasty as one might initially think. You can cleanse your colon in different ways. You can go to your localized doctor and ask him to clean your colon for you, or you can use a do it yourself suppository cleansing kit. You can even use cleansing oral supplements or you can use an at home cleansing system. Whichever method you use, cleansing will improve your health. Not only are there several different procedures of colon cleansing, but there are furthermore different kinds of colon cleansers. Probiotics and anti-parasite agents are two main types of colon cleansers.

Colon cleansing is the act of removing harmful toxic waste buildup that has been accumulating in your colon. It is good to remove as much toxic waste from your system, but colon cleansers are inclined to work so effectively that they really end up eliminating some required nutrients from your system as well. The kind of cleanser you choose to use, whether it is a probiotics and anti-parasite agents or not, will work out if these nutrients are solely stripped from your body or not. Despite of which kind of colon cleanser you select to use, colon cleansing is very important.

How Do Colon Cleansers Work?

Colon Cleansers

Old waste starts to construct up in your colon and can attach to the partitions of your colon. The waste may start to build up where there are bends in your intestines. Waste sticking in the bends of your intestines might be from too much constipation, food that gets stuck, mucus secretion or toxins from the natural environment. With some colon cleansers, you go on a very quick for a few days. Throughout that time, the ingredients of the colon cleansers drags that waste out of your intestine level by level.

Some important characteristics of a good colon cleanser: contains natural ingredients, contains soft laxatives, contains enzymes and/or probiotics, helps with digestion, and contains substances that boost the immune system and ingredients that increase energy levels.

Benefits of taking colon cleansers:

Colon cleansing is known to provide detoxifying benefits. This method helps in keeping your colon free from waste materials or toxins that will likely promote diseases or conditions. There are already various practices that are used in order to perform colon cleansing, but you can do it on your own by preparing drinks and recipes that help cleanse the colon and you will be free from problems caused by the complications brought by the toxic materials present in your body. The basic benefits of colon cleansing are:

Improvement of Health: Colon cleansing improves your health. It does not let trashes be stacked up in your system. Using this attacking of virus or dangerous bacteria will be prevented as well.

Constipation Problem: Using colon cleansing methods will avoid constipation and it helps you solve your issue in bowel movement.

Weight Loss: it also helps you reduce your weight.

Energy Level: we will get improved energy levels with colon cleansing. It is due to the fact that you can prevent additional weight now that you can quickly boost your supply of energy.

Better and Healthier Skin: you will have better and brighter skin, when once you had removed toxins and waste materials from your body.