Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Foods for Good Colon Health

Why Colon Need To be cared?
Colon is the largest part of the large intestine. It works for absorbing the water content and the nutrients from the passing stools and converts it into the solid dry stools making ready for excretion. Caring the colon benefits the quality of life. An unhealthy colon can be a sign of bad health which includes being a shelter to various non-serious health complications like constipation to a death causing issues like cancer. If the symptoms aren’t noticed like increase of polyps in the colon, it may lead to tumor and later develop into the carcinogen cells. So, doesn’t it look interesting why to care colon? Well, let’s discuss some interesting topics here.

Foods for Good Colon Health
Its a Healthy Meal Time Now!!!
But how we can care for a good colon health?

This is a main barrier for many as they often get halt at this matter. Caring colon for a good health can be done through choosing various methods like switching to the healthy diet which consists of foods that are advantage towards colon, methods like colon irrigation (colon hydration), enemas etc.

Does Food Have Such Capacity?

Well, the answer for this query will be YES!! There are some diet patterns which can be adopted for a good colon health.

Fruits and Vegetables: We already know how much beneficial they are. These are a reliable source of fiber that keeps the colon healthy. Fiber helps the stools in forming a smoother bowel which is easy to pass through the colon and get excreted. More than the cooked form of foods, raw is recommended by most of the health consultants. Raw vegetables provide the necessary enzymes for digestion which also aid in cleansing of the colon. The cooking can destroy these enzyme molecules making them unable to take part in cleansing of colon.

Fiber Foods: As discussed earlier, the role of fiber is vital in cleansing. Whether it may be soluble or insoluble, they are required by the body. Approximately about 25-30 grams of fiber is required by the body. It makes the peristalsis normal and the ease the bowel movement comfortable. The fruits and vegetables are discussed to be a safe and excellent source for fiber. The peas, Brussels sprouts with more than 3-4 grams of fiber per half cup serving. Also kidney beans, black beans and flax seeds are excellent offering of fiber about more than 6 grams per half cup serving.

Water: Drinking adequate water ease the passing of the stools from the body i.e. the excretion. It lubricates the walls of the colon making a comfortable bowel movement. The fiber ingested by the body functions only with the help of water. The fiber absorbs the water and expands its size. Not enough levels of the water content in the body can cause constipation affects. Approximately the recommended limit is eight glasses of water for consumption. Experts also suggest checking the intake of water. More intake of water can make person urinate more times than the normal.

Probiotic Foods: The probiotic foods are vital in maintaining the colon health. The natural flora found in the guts of the colon is very essential as the body and the bacterial flora are found in a symbiotic relation. Fewer colonies of the bacterial flora can make imbalance in the ecological system. Taking probiotics foods like yogurt enhances the colonic health by increasing these colon friendly bacteria. The Lactobacillus bacteria provide the body with essential vitamins and the probiotic foods feed them making more availability of the nutrients to the body.



  1. Thanks for remembering once again valuable diet information. Nowadays many people are skipping their diet and physical workouts due to busy schedule or some other causes as a result they are facing so many health issues. By reading these types of articles they may come to know the value of diet. You have done a great job in providing the foods for colon health. These tips may not be the new things but by reading this information they conclude that what they lost.

  2. Hello Daisay Rose... Thanks for reading and sharing your valuable information. Previously I had colon issue and after changing the dietary habits and life style it was vanished. So I am trying to share my experience regarding diet, it can be helpful to many people who are in need. If you have any queries feel free to ask...

  3. As Daisay Rose said that these days many people don’t have the enough time to follow diet and exercises due to sedentary life as a result they fall into the health complications. Some people due to their laziness or not control on the dietary habits also facing health issues. One who can have control on the diet and able to change his/her life style, they can have good health. So being healthy is in our hands..

    1. Hello Xan Murphy… I agree with your words, in our society so many people are facing health issues like obesity, heart problems just because lack of working outs and with improper diet. In their busy life, so many people prefer to take fast foods, junk foods and processed foods. They are realizing these issues only when they have experienced with health issues. Always prevention is better than cure, this post is very helpful for the people who are really want to go on a healthy diet. Thanks to the author for such a valid post.

  4. Well I believe lot on the foods. I constantly believe the quote that we are what we eat. If we not ingest the right foods, we can suffer with lot of issues. Instead always there will be a monkey on our back. Due to change of pace in the present world many people have changed their diet to the fast and processed foods. These can satisfy buds on the tongue but can lead to long term health complications. Individuals can suffer a lot of issues related to weight, colon and cardiac. I believe these are inter related and can cause the serious illness for the person.

  5. Thanks to all for responding and sharing your experience. I will share more information on colon health so that it can helpful for many people who are in need. Please keep visiting.

  6. Thanks Vaileria, for sharing insightful healthy information about Foods for Good Colon Health. Now a days most of the people are addicted to junk food its might be major reason to cause of many healthy problems. Many people are not aware of colon health diet. I hope after reading this article they might come to know about colon health. I really appreciate you efforts for sharing. Once again thanks a lot for sharing.