Monday, 15 April 2013

Colonic Irrigation a Celebrity Fad

Many people look to superstars to see what styles are emerging. Style, fashion, and even wellness choices are based on what famous individuals are up to. It has become increasingly trendy to participate in a colon cleaning and many “A” list superstars have been open about the type of detoxify they do and the outcomes obtained.
Sometimes, or previously, a hush-hush topic, superstars are openly supporting the advantages of colonic irrigation. Many have attested that the practice has assisted them remove poisons from their system. In turn, this has assisted many have higher energy, improved well being, and less stomach ache.

Oprah Winfrey

For Oprah, colonic cleansing was an complement to her fat reduction plan. She has openly declared having seen wonderful outcomes, and has recommended the technique on her show. Her technique included drinks and herbs that were consumed orally and served in a natural capacity.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio has allegedly become a fan of colonic irrigation after being suggested the process by a series of girlfriends.
A resource near to the actor exposed, “Leo’s been familiar with the treatment for years but he’s only recently started having it. The models he’s dated always used to say how great they feel afterwards and after trying it, he was hooked
Also now an suggest, Leonardo DiCaprio has said he was initially reluctant to try the hydrotherapy cleanse. Despite his reluctancy, he gave it a try and now talks highly of the advantages he experienced.


Madonna has stated that, together with a good diet and exercise, colon cleansing has assisted keep her in shape. The preferred means of cleansing for her, and many superstars, has been colon hydrotherapy treatment, also known as a colonic. This technique, similar to an enema, utilizes a tube placed into the anus to deliver water to get rid of harmful toxins and waste out of the system. Many believe that adding enzymes, herbs, or probiotics to the water will produce additional advantages. Sometimes, even coffee is used (RIP Michael Landon).

Britney Spears

The recent re transformation of Britney Spears has been, at least partly, credited to her colon cleansing practices. It has been said that it was actually her father who assured her to try the process to support her wellness, thanks to his own body detoxification experiences.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Recently, as in within the past year or two, Gwyneth Paltrow has joined up with a organization to create her own colon cleanse regimen, the GOOP cleanse. Paltrow’s organization claims that you will be left feeling healthier, more dynamic, and lighter as the harmful toxins and waste leave your system.


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